Summer Mixtape – ‘J’-Side

The summer of 2012 has been a titillating one from start to finish; we had the heroics of Team GB and London 2012, which included me and Ben sitting in the nosebleeds during Dream Team Mk.2’s record breaking tally win against Nigeria, notwithstanding the Nigerian point guard that completely shattered James Harden’s ankles into a […]

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Justin Bieber – Boyfriend

Is this blog too cool for Justin Bieber? or is Justin Bieber too cool for us? While we’re asking questions, remember when everyone was asking what’s going to happen when JB’s balls drop? Now we know; he grows up, starts freestyling and puts out records reminiscent of ‘Justified.’ His brand spanking new single ‘Boyfriend’ was […]

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Lana Del Rey – Video Games

‘’Watching all our friends fall, in and out of old Paul’s, this is my idea of fun…Playing video games.’’ There just so happens to be a playlist on my iTunes entitled ‘Smooth,’ which features everything that would be pleasant to listen to sat on a the edge of the Italian Riviera. I’m not going to […]

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James Morrison; Right By Your Side

Remember that short period when singer-songwriters seemed to be popping up seven times faster than the average rap mixtape? What a strange time that was. It was like all these closet performers just decided that it was their time, got themselves into their favourite deep V/cardigan/jeans combination and jumped into any recording studio they could find. We […]

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VY-NLY – Free Music

To celebrate VY-NLY’s 1 month birthday, we had an idea, instead of receiving presents, we would rather celebrate by dishing them out. So after meticulously trawling the web, we’ve found some super-duper free, fresh music and collated it all together (with a pretty bow on top;) as our gift to you. Enjoy! A-Trak’s Minimix for […]

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Hoodie Allen – The Chase is On

‘’Are you from Wu-Tang? Then why’s your face ghost?’’ After discovering Hoodie Allen earlier, the natural thing to do was YouTube everything that he had ever put out. But one recurring theme was emerging; YouTube is actually awash with Hoodie Allen v Sam Adams v Mac Miller v Rob Twizz videos, for lack of  better […]

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Yuna; Come As You Are

I don’t understand how anyone can choose to ‘dislike’ this song on YouTube. You have to be pretty gutsy to try and cover one of the – dare I say – most popular Nirvana or even Alternative Rock classics of all time, but Malaysian born Yuna proves that anything, with a little charm, is possible. […]

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Grouplove – Colours

‘’He shot himself-self, there’s blood on the wall,‘cause he couldn’t face the truth” If Yuck were dipped in a sugar coated mixture and hung out to dry in the Californian sun, and the Modest Mouse frontman Isaac Brock took over on vocals, then you would have Grouplove; a pop induced alternative five piece from L.A. They […]

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DOM / Living In America

When listening to DOM, I immediately think “Black Kids”, and a little of “The Naked And Famous”. Coming from Massachusetts, New England, they bring with them, lighthearted, tuneful, danceable pop, which at points,emphasises the synthesiser as the indispensable instrument modern music has been built upon. DOM have been sitting in my music library for some […]

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Chiddy Bang; Mind Your Manners

Phillidelphia based duo ‘Chiddy Bang‘ have been on a hot streak since their arrival on the hip-hop scene back in 2009. Their debut release ‘Opposite of Adults‘, a track cleverly named and pieced together sampling MGMT‘s ‘Kids’, gained instant notoriety within the blogosphere and backed by their care free-attitude and effortless swag, they have continued […]

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Theophilus London – Flying Overseas feat. Devonte Hynes & Solange Knowles

”Let’s visit the gardens, the river the parks, I’ll bring it to your eyes, delivered hearts.” It’s rare since I’ve heard three polished burgeoning talents on the same track, but the beautiful ‘Flying Overseas’ from Theophilus London which includes Devonte Hynes (Lightspeed Champion) and Solange Knowles on vocals definitely showcases some up and coming stars. If […]

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Emmy The Great – Dinosaur Sex

‘’Leaves are always falling from the trees, I think see my future in the leaves.’’ Emma Lee Moss AKA Emmy The Great is back with her sophomore album – Virtue, and from first impressions, it’s a stunner. She clearly hasn’t been dormant since releasing her critically acclaimed debut title First Love in 2009, an album […]

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