Gramatik; So Much For Love

A couple of months ago, the topic of ‘awkward or incomprehensible genres‘ sprang up during a standard smokers night with my flat-mates. The conversation lasted a few hazy hours, with imaginations of how horrible the likes of ‘Grunge Funk‘ or ‘Metal Disco’ would taste, and whether or not the successful merge of genres would even work. Bear in mind that that was a few months ago and the myriad of sampled genres has questioned how the likes of Dub step and co. never existed in the first place. Now, this is going to sound extremely pretentious, but even with all this electro and whatnot popping up, nothing will ever be cooler than a good hip hop beat. Cooler in both the lifestyle AND musical sensel; Hip hop has just always epitomised cool.

With this stupidly personal anecdote in mind, let me introduce Slovenian based producer Gramatik, a DJ bringing back the genre to first play with samples and set apart from the others with his incredible blend of musical diversity. Gramatik a.k.a Dennis J (DJ Gramatik. Yup) was initially welcomed into the music world via his classical pushing parents, yet several years later, the musical result of slow powered beats comes from the sampling of antiques tracks from the soul, funk and jazz era, broadening hip hop’s cultural similarity to the rhythm and blues of the 50’s.

If you’re looking for a new muse in your own 70’s show circle (American TV reference…just google it) than may I suggest you get your hands on his latest mix tape, Beatz & Pieces part. 1 – the ultimate mix of smooth essential instrumental hip hop. In his own bio he describes that he “…makes music sometimes. But most of the time I just like to smoke weed’, ‘My favorite color is black and I’m not a Vegan. I have a mustache.”

If you can’t trust a Slovenian man whose favourite colour is black, has a moustache and doesn’t exclude the use of non-human animal products for any purpose to produce good old school hip hop, than I don’t know who you can.

If you are interested in giving him a chance, you can pick up Beatz & Pieces Part. 1 HERE.

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