Major Lazer – When You Hear The Bassdrum (Stereotype Angry Remix)

Who would have guessed in mid-2009 that Switch and Diplo under the moniker Major Lazer, armed with a dagger fusion of fidget electro, lasers, dancehall, and reggae would have such an effect on the new-born genre Dave Nada invented: Moombahton. I for one didn’t, despite being a religious fan of everything that the collaborative DJ’s put out; especially in the form of Guns don’t kill people…Lazers do. I for one wouldn’t have thought Moombahton would have been this big this summer if you’d have asked me two years ago. Much of the credit has to go to Diplo, Switch and Major Lazer. Despite going back to their separate ways of late, the pair of producers haven’t put Major Lazer in a corner, there was of course the mixtape in 2010 with La Roux, ‘Lazerproof,’ and they’ve smashed many festivals since releasing the album, including the behemoth Coachella. As well as following up ‘Guns don’t kill’ with the ‘Lazers Never Die EP.’

Diplo’s recently put out a summer moombahton mix for 2011, which is absolutely off the chain and definitely worth checking out; as well as flying the flag by himself, he’s also recently dug out a remix of a Major Lazer track, ‘When you hear the bassdrum.’ It features the same sugary tuned vocals from Ms. Thing, but Major Lazer have gone to town on the bass drum and the lasers on this ‘stereotype angry’ re-fix. Apparently the track hasn’t seen the light of day until Mad Decent posted it recently, it’s just as well then, 2011 is the summer of moombahton and it’ll be greatly appreciated now it’s been let out of the drum cage.

You can find the remix here:

Diplo’s 2011 summer Moombahton mix:

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