Fulton Lights; Staring Out The Window

In our new world of genius low-budget music videos, each with its own attempt to capture and label itself with the term ‘viral’, I wasn’t at all surprised when I came across one man experimental project ‘Fulton Lights‘ new video for a track actually released back in August of 2010. ‘Staring out the window’ directed by London based director, Ninian Doff is the perfect example of taking a simple, dare I say ‘vacuous’ concept, and turning it into online gold. It clearly can’t just be me who thinks watching crows move around with animated arms, legs and snare drums would almost guarantee a smile on anyones face.

Now, the song is a solid 6.5/10, but then again so are most OK GO songs…and what is it that makes them one of the most talked about bands on the web? Their videos (Arguably). It’s safe to say that we live in a music generation where the music is only one part of a band brand (ha, band brand), with audiences expecting so much more from any artist (me included – nothing makes me remember a band more than a dancing crow video to accompany a track)

Andrew Spencer Goldman, a.k.a. Fulton Lights has been around since 2007, with his latest release ‘3 songs‘ coming in 2010. Whether or not ‘Staring Out The Window’ is going to win him more fans musically – although it could – It’s definitely got his music out a little more and won over some music blog addicts. I mean, there’s a saxophone solo in the song. No one gets away with a saxophone solo, not even Kenny G. I like it.

Good Job?

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