Wax; Two Wheels

Swagged with trig lyrics and a fk-that attitude to match, ‘Two Wheels’ has marked WAX’s latest mix tape ‘Scrublife’ on LA’s underground hip hop radar. A song that is sure to force fixie riders to venge their middle finger at their 4 wheeled vehicle brothers (me included of course) this track oozes summer casualty whilst maintaining a sense of freshness that most hipster-ish music seems to lack. With his unique singer-songwriter approach, the combination of acoustic guitar and laid back rhymes screams California, and is almost a reminder to everyone in The Golden State that there are other modes of transportation.

With Los Angeles’sCarmageddon‘ coming up this weekend (Are they really going to shut the 405 for 53 hours? – that’s like stopping blood flow to the heart for 2 and a half days!) it’s almost like this track was MEANT for this weekend.

Having released the collaborative album ‘Liquid Courage‘ with EOS back in 2008, WAX has been steadily building up hype and has just recently hit the big time, signing with Def Jam. Not letting his ‘D.U.I’ come in between that and his music career, I think it’s safe to say that The West Side has finally found another ambassador for their legal-weed-loving team.

P.s Dumbfoundead cameo?

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